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«I'm a passionate creator who loves to tell stories - some dramatic, some beautiful and some completely different.»

- C. J. Mühle
My texts are telling stories about dreams, about love, hope, friendship and loss. Let them take you to other worlds where adventures await.
When I was a kid, I used to read fantasy books and I loved to travel with my family, so I got many inspirations from the landscapes we visited.

My already published books are available as print and e-book on different stores around the world. (German only)
As a filmmaker I explore new ways to tell stories. This more visual aspect of storytelling offers me new possibilities but it restricts me at the same time.

Together with a friend, I started doing short films around seven years ago. Since then we developed further and currently we are working on our first big screen documentary.

I started studying «Digital Film Production» in March 2020 in Switzerland, but I will continue to shoot my own stories and bring my ideas to the screen.

The best inspirations for my creative work do strike while I'm travelling. I love to be out there in the wild and capture stunning locations with my camera.

All pictures on this webpage are under copyright. I you're interested in one, please contact me.
Get in touch with me. It's simple.
If you have any questions about my work please do not hestitate to contact me.

Where can I buy your books?
They are available as described on the books page
Are your books available in english as well?
I'm afraid, currently there is no translation
Can I rent you as a filmmaker?
Sure! Get in touch via Clato Pictures Filmstudio
Can I use your pictures for my work?
Please find all information on the gallery page

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