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Every story I write or just even think of
in my mind, gets deep into other worlds, involving
different creatures and astounding places.
Meteora, GreeceI started writing as a 12 year old. My initiate spark inflamed during a holiday in Greece. When I saw those mountains, my mind got emediately stuck in a fantasy world which I later wrote down to a complete novel.

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Der Magus (NEW)
For a secret mission, three friends set out in search of the truth, which leads them deeper and deeper into the arcanum of magic. But in their thirst for adventure they overlook things that move on the edge of their field of vision. Weak lights in the darkness, shadows in the twilight. Restless souls who have lost their place in the world. Their constant presence fed on my companion and me and let us slip out of the order of the world. Only one remains. The Magus.

Language: German | Pages: n/a | Illustrations: n/a
Genre: High Fantasy
Release date: n/a
ISBN: n/a
Publisher: n/a

Der Magus Book Cover Concept Top

Das verscholle Volk
The young elf Nari was given the ancient custom of seeking his own people. But as simple as that may sound - a long journey holds unexpected twists. With the help of a human, Nari managed to find his people, but the arrival was clouded by the news of a loss.
A short time later, the battle between the elves and humans broke out. All sides suffered great losses and Nari had to travel with the survivors to the north, to the old breeding place of the dragons. But the Vargar, who lived in the freezing cold, captured the elf and locked him in a dark dungeon. Down there the situation developed anew, because the one dragon egg he had with him began to move ...

Hochdramatische und packende Fantasy
Language: German | Pages: 220 | Pictures: no
Genre: Fantasy
Release date: 4th April 2016 (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 978-3-7386-6125-5

Das verschollene Volk Book Cover Top

Das verschollene Volk Book Cover

Where to buy
My books can be bought everywhere, but: you won't find them in any bookstore directly! For ecological reasons, the books are only produced when someone places an order. So if you happen to walk into a store, just ask them to order it for you.
Of course my books are available on nearly any european online-store as print and e-Book. Or you can order it directly from the publishers webpage. Apple Books and Amazon do offer it as well.

If you have any problems to find it online, just search on Google for the related ISBN.
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